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Public Rides

Finally Farm Paints is offering the opportunity for you to come and ride or groundwork your horse at our amazing facility!  We are currently open on a limited basis to horses that are vaccinated against flu and rhino; contact us for details.  We have a 120 by 60 arena with nice, soft footing.  There is plenty of room for trailer turnaround and parking, and ties in the arena to tie and tack up.  Please sign paperwork before unloading your horse - if no one is here when you arrive, the packets of paperwork are in a plastic file holder by the office door, along with a cashbox.  Read each page and sign where indicated, even if you signed in 2019 or earlier in 2020.


Cost is $5 per horse/rider pair.  Payment is no contact - please put your payment in the blue cash box by the office door.  There is no time limit on your work.  Normally, we are open daily, from 10AM to 7PM. We are open to horses who have had their flu/rhino vaccine within the last 12 months.  You must provide us with documentation of vaccinations prior to coming here.  If you wish to ride here, but your horse is not up-to-date on its vaccines, please contact your veterinarian.  

We also have a fun outdoor trail course, with a tarps, poles, pool noodles, fluttering ribbons, a bridge, Hal the alligator, and more.  This course is a great training opportunity to expose your horse to new challenges.  $10 per horse/rider pair, unlimited time and includes use of the arena.  You must sign the paperwork before unloading your horse, and let us know you plan on coming so we can move our own horses from the course.  Seasonal, May - October.

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2021 Horsemanship Clinics


We will soon be planning our 2022 Horsemanship Clinics! Finally Farm Paints is again teaming up with Angela Greehshields Horsemanship for these fun, informative classes.  We have clinics available for all levels of riders, whether you are new to horses or have shown.  Clinics are limited to a small size, so everyone will receive individual attention.  You also learn from seeing other participants work, and meet great people.  


Angela will also be avaiable for private lessons on select weekends in 2021, so if you are interested in that option, let us know.

Examples of past clinics include: Horsemanship 101.  This is a great clinic if you have a new horse, want your youngster to gain experience, or if you and your horse need a tune-up and refresher.  This is on the ground for part  of the day, and for the rest of the day, you can get in the saddle if you wish.  Focus will be on communication, gaining your horse's respect, and working together to form a partnership.  Trailing Through Summer.  This will be a more in-depth focus on working with trail obstacles and on teaching your horse to face potentially frightening objects with confidence.  For those of you who were on our trail course last year, we have added new and more challenging obstacles. Advanced Horsemanship – Perfect Your Skills.  For those who have completed Horsemanship 101, or for intermediate riders, this clinic will focus on fine-tuning communication with your horse under saddle, precise and independent body movement, and adding speed to your movements.  This clinic will help you to build on your partnership and teach you skills that will take you to the next level.  The popular Fundamentals of Ranch Riding. This clinic will be mostly under saddle, and will focus on the skills needed to enter a ranch riding competition, which continue to grow in popularity.  Even if you have no plans to show, this clinic will teach you fun new skills while you improve your riding.  You will have the opportunity to be videoed and enter a virtual show for an extra fee! Introduction to the Cutting Flag. In this clinic the flag will be used as a tool for horses and riders to gain confidence and body control in a fun and safe environment.  If you ever want to play with cattle with your horse, this is an essential first step, with low pressure.  Flag speed will be set to your comfort level.  If there is enough interest, we may add an Advanced Cutting Flag Clinic, for those who are ready for more speed and precision, and to prepare for correctly working a cow. Each clinic is a full day and is $150, with discounts available for multiple clinics.  

This is a small, private facility, and the limited number of participants will keep things safe for you and your horse, while providing you with lots of individualized instruction.  You should be sure to bring your own equipment (a rope halter works well, with a 10 - 15 foot lead and a stick or driving whip, and we recommend that you wear a helmet).  Bring your lunch, and we will provide a variety of snacks and beverages.  There is easy trailer turnaround and lots of parking, and we also have a Guesthouse and outdoor paddocks for your horse if you want to stay over and relax.  Our clinic reviews have been great, with lots of repeat clients!  This is low stress, fun, educational, and a great way to meet other horsepeople!  

If you are a clinician looking for a facility to hold an event, give Finally Farm Paints a call!

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